• The Impact of the Forging Industry

    forging steel

    Using mechanical presses and machine precision dies after heating Brass, Aluminum and Copper a mouldable temperature to forge parts to a specific shape is called forging. Forging results in making materials or parts that are virtually free from porosity and imperfections, which is ideal for cosmetically beautiful surface finishes. This process does not alter the grain structure of metals, is more superior to mold casting in which forged materials are 15 percent stronger than molded products. One form of forging is open die forging.

    Benefits of Forging

    Forging produces pieces of metal that are stronger than a bit reinforced from a cast. Steel and iron are the most used materials in construction because their durability and strength are the keys to specific tasks and their appeal.

    Metal grains from forging are fortified and allows it to be continuous through the parts worked on. During the shaping process, the grain conforms to an outline of the piece being worked on. This makes forging especially popular when it comes to shaping iron and steel and produces a high-grade product for users.

    Metals Used

    Metals used in forging depends on where the material or product will be used. Copper and Brass are commonly used for mechanical components, bathroom accessories, fittings, musical instruments, architectural hardware, and specialty fasteners. This is because of the malleability of materials during casting while being used at a relatively low melting point.

    Aluminum Forging

    air planeThree grades of aluminum are used to forge a wide range of products for many specific applications. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the planet and the most commonly used material for forging. Aluminum is durable, lightweight, soft, and extremely malleable. Furthermore, aluminum prevents rust and oxidation due to the formation of aluminum oxide after being exposed to air.

    Aluminum 7075 is frequently used for aerospace applications and for high-grade aircraft. Aluminum 6061 is used in manufacturing railroad cars, tank fittings, furniture, pipelines, heavy-duty structures that need excellent corrosion resistance, general structural and high-pressure applications, and wire products. Lastly, Aluminum 2014 is frequently used in manufacturing truck frames and aircraft structures.


    The world has significantly benefitted in the forging industry and is evident in everything around us from our houses to aircraft. It is evident that the world has changed in making products and building materials to be used in various industries like power plants, industrial plants, and even health care, aside from supplying mankind with products that are long-lasting, durable, and cheap to make.

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