fashion personality

Type of Fashion Personality for Your Masterpiece

Not many people are aware of their fashion personalities. They cannot understand how to classify the type of fashion they wear and shop regarding the clothes, accessories, or even jewelry. This fact is a bit sad because generally, the way you dress can highlight your fashionable personality. 

Some people might prefer not to choose or highlight their fashion personality because they love whatever works for their appearance. However, the ability to define your fashion personality will help you to plan your clothing collection. It ensures you buy new pieces to add to your wardrobe. You may decide that instead of buying more of the same style and personality, it will most likely be best to diversify the wardrobe.

casual personalityRecognizing the fashionable personality would most usually be vital to own for a dressmaker. It helps them decide what to do with their fabrics. Suppose you have so many new fabric collections that you find cute to sew. You know what would be best to make for each of them. It would never leave you out of idea about creating your fashion masterpiece to wear for everyday use or even an important event. Therefore, learn some of these substantial types of fashionable personality to create your masterpiece. Also, check out a sewingmachinesplus coupon code if you need a new sewing machine to make your incredible masterpiece.


The classic thread is seen in high-quality, tailored clothing that will last a lifetime. Someone with a classic fashion personality is conservative and not a slave to styles, as they opt for timeless traditional fashion style. You may find some of the classic fashion designs in Pringle of Scotland or Ralph Lauren. Others may also get inspired by handcrafted fashion accessories.


Those who are very feminine and girly would belong to a romantic fashion personality. There are a bunch of soft ruffles, ribbons, bows, or dresses. They prefer skirts and dresses over pants. Most of the romantic fashion personality loves to wear pastel colors and floral themes. Also, they like to match their accessories in the same colors or harmony with the outfits they wear. 

Dramatic and Alluring

Most dramatic fashion personalities would focus more on their fashion masterpiece with an unusual design. Preferably, it comes with bold colors and architectural shapes. This way, it would match to wear with extravagant and unforgettable jewelry. Meanwhile, Alluring personality would not be too much different. Those who have an alluring fashion personality would seek more attention. It can either have a fashion masterpiece with body-shaped outfits, low necklines, or killer heels. This way, they can always trap their target with their fashion personalities.


Those who love practical designs and texture is critical. They fond of handmade fashion accessories with natural materials such as leather, wood, shells, and recycled materials. Their clothes are made of natural fibers such as silk, lace, pure cotton, and wool.


When it comes to artistic fashion personalities, it would not be far from the bohemian goddess and hippy queen. They have the pride to express their creative idea without rules about their fashion. They are brave enough to mix and match their outfits and accessories well. People often call them the fashion originator.