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Villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

MCU or Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the longest movie series in the world of action movies. The leading story creator of Marvel is Mr. Stan Lee; he died last November 12, 2018. He appeared as one of the supporting actors in every marvel movie from 2008 to 2012. Because the Marvel movies consists of heroes, it will not be complete without powerful villains. The list below shows some of the villains that the MCU featured.


He is inevitable. Thanos could be some of us. He found too many problems in his titan world. Too many mouths are not being able to eat meals. Because of this, he was considered as the Mad Titan. Nobody listened to him just like he predicted; he destroyed half of the population of the Titan. Thanos took it with the help of Infinity Stones, and Infinity Gauntlet. With them, he was able to wipe out half of the planet’s inhabitants and “rescue” the remaining lands.


It is also considered the best villain in MCU since it’s an international organization, not just one individual. Dating back to the Red Skull Hitler division has been started as by HYDRA. But once SHIELD recruited Arnim Zola and captured, HYDRA began growing on the inside. HYDRA has come to be wrapped about SHIELD’s operations that they’ve been able to change history by fake Christ and wars.


He’s a great liar who enjoys playing hints. He desired to become King of Asgard, but Thor thwarted his plans. Loki landed where a deal escaped, and struck with Thanos, staging a death. He will wage war to take the Tesseract from Thanos back, and Loki will be compelled as King of Earth. Despite his plans and attempts at turning the personalities of Earth, he made a mistake: he killed Coulson. Loki returned to cause trouble but fulfilled with his death. That changed, a mistake granting Loki the chance to capture the Tesseract and escape the Avengers clutches…