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Wedding Gift Rules You Should Always Follow

You are always faced with the dilemma of what gift to give when you accept an invitation to a wedding. We know where to shop bridal gift such as a hamper and other gift ideas. You need to ensure you follow proper wedding gift etiquette, in addition to choosing the perfect gift for the happy couple. Some traditions and expectations go along with gift-giving at weddings. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to wedding gifts? These are the answers. We have all the answers. Follow these tips to make sure you find the perfect gift for your newlyweds.

Buy From the Couple’s Registry

shopThis tip is a basic guide to wedding gift etiquette 101. Although we don’t give this advice very often, it is a good tip for wedding gifts. Most soon-to-be-married c ouples will want you to pick a gift from their wedding registry. Nearly 9 out of 10 couples have a registry that contains 125 items. This means you shouldn’t have any problem being creative within their wishes list. You can find their wedding website. This will link to their registries.

They may be set up at traditional retailers or with cash registries like The Knot Cash Fund. You can’t buy them a gift they don’t like if you keep to the rules.

Spend More Than $50

How much should you spend on wedding gifts? Let’s say that you plan to spend more than $20. You shouldn’t use the price per plate rule to determine how much to spend on your wedding gift. Your best friend wouldn’t buy you a cheaper gift just because they are having a casual affair. You should spend what is most appropriate for your relationship with the couple. Also, consider what’s reasonable about their location. A friend or coworker may expect a gift between $50 and $75, but someone living in an urban area, such as New York City, might have twice the expectations.

Send It within Two Months

Although we know that there was a one-year rule, online registries are now available and shipping is two days. This means there is no excuse for such a delay. You should send your gift no later than two months before the wedding if you want to adhere to the wedding gift protocol. Even though you are excited to get it, they won’t want it to be lugged around and could damage it during the ceremony. To make it easier for everyone, have it delivered directly to their home.

It’s the thought that matters most. These five tips will help you make an impression on your wedding guests. You’ll have a thoughtful thank you card waiting for the couple in no time.…