• Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Plastic Use at Home

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    There are many reasons why you need to bid farewell to plastic permanently. Maintaining a plastic free life requires a great deal of careful preparation, but the advantages to the environment as well as public health make it worth your while. Here are the reasons why you need to say no to plastics in your home or business.shovel

    Affects the Environment Negatively

    The majority of the plastic bags we all use in everyday life are made from polypropylene, a substance from oil and other fossil fuel-based sources. When these substances are drawn, they release CO2 to the air. Producing plastic bags is also quite energy-intensive. A small fraction of plastic packaging can be turned into something different, leaving a massive sum piling up on landfills. It may also be quite confusing, as most factories take plastic bottles, although not the jar covers, resulting in contamination.

    Causes Cancer

    water bottlesThe thing about vinyl is that it never decomposes. Though vinyl does not degrade, it will break into small bits. Therefore, these items enter our water system and are difficult to filter out with no filtering apparatus. Stats show that 93 percent of bottled water around the world is polluted with micro-plastics. Maybe getting your water in plastic bottles is not so attractive after all. Micro-plastics are frequently mistaken for food and may result in health problems or suffocation. What’s more, fish lovers will wind up with plastic in their plates. Therefore it impacts the entire food chain, all of the way to people.

    Costs a Lot to Manufacture

    Were you aware that the price of plastic tote cleaning costs taxpayers about $11 billion each year in the USA alone? While vinyl bags have consistently been given out for free in stores and supermarkets, they are anything but once you work out the price of taxation. If you would like to stop using plastic bags once and for all, you can get an organic basket next time you go shopping.

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