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    Selecting The Best Cat Breed For Your Family

    It is an exciting moment when you decide to adopt a pet cat for your family. There are several things to consider when selecting the unique cat breed for your family. Some types are independent while others are affectionate. Some cat breeds require minimal care while other types need regular cleaning. Adding a cat pet to your family no matter the breed you choose is a noble act. The following are some cat breeds to consider.

    British Short Hair

    This kind of cat is smart and playful. It is compact in nature, and they have short hair. They spend much time cuddling however they love playing. Its short hair is safe for pets and kids. It is a great pet to add to your family.


    The Persian breed is the calmest with a lovely long haired feline. It looks like a big fluff ball with attractive facial features, and they are in wide range of colors. This cat needs regular bathing and everyday grooming, and they tend to be lovely and low energy creatures. This is a beautiful cat add to your family especially if you have children.


    This cat is a cross breed of Siamese and Persian. They have Siamese markings and the Persians longhaired coat. The Himalayans are not high in energy although the enjoy playing a lot. These cats are usually calm and well behaved. They are a good selection for a household that has kids and other pets.

    Exotic Short-hair

    This cat is a short haired cousin to the Persian breed. This kind does not need the absolute amount of grooming, and they have all the excellent characteristics like the squashed facial features. They are gentle and affectionate creatures. They love showing their strong nature although they are silent and calm. They are always excited to when provided with a cat tree to climb.


    These cats like to be the center of attention. They prefer cuddling and curling on your laps though they are very playful. They like to show their owners how they love them as they are very affectionate.


    catThese cats have a different ticked tabby coat. They are known as the supermodel cats as they have real sleek bodies. These cats love to play; they are friendly and outgoing. They are accepting of individuals they meet, and they love to swim. They lavish their owners with love and affection, and they are loyal.

    When getting a cat no matter which breed you settle for, cats have a life span of almost 20 years, so it is a lifetime commitment.